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Automatic Passenger Counting Systems

Urban Transportation Associates, Inc (UTA) provides transit authorities throughout North America with a mature Automatic Passenger Counting system (APC) consisting of proven APC hardware, APC software, and APC support procedures that will complement any existing APC system.

Our goal is to provide transit authorities with an Automatic Passenger Counting system that will produce both measurable and non-measurable benefits in excess of their investment in Automatic Passenger Counting system technology. The Automatic Passenger Counting system Return-On-Investment (ROI) realized by various transit authorities have taken the form of improved service productivity, improved service quality, and access to an up to date, highly accurate, and comprehensive set of information to meet their local, state and federal reporting requirements.

Automatic Passenger Counters for Transit

In an era of scarce resources, transit managers require accurate and detailed information in order to evaluate the quality and productivity of existing transit service. Urban Transportation Associates, Inc empowers and enables it users to monitor the utilization of transit service and to optimize that service in response to changing travel demand patterns.  

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