APC Accuracy

The accuracy of UTA Automatic Passenger Counting Systems is considered to exceed that of a single checker on-board a bus and comparable to that obtained by two checkers, one stationed at each door. APC users in the transit systems that have utilized UTA APC system consistently express satisfaction with the accuracy of UTA APC system. In the following, the overall concurrence value represents the total number of boardings and alightings counted by the APC system compared to the total number of boardings and alightings counted by experienced manual checkers. The Manual-APC Deviation Range +/- 1 represents the percentage of time the manual and APC observations were within one (1) of each other. In short, the tables below provide evidence that UTA APC system counts boardings/alightings extremely accurately and, if there ever is an error, it is almost always within one (1) of the manual count.

Implementation of UTA APC system will result in APC Passenger Count Accuracy levels exceeding 95% concurrence with manual observations.

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