APC Analytic Software

UTA’s easy-to-use menu-driven system allows Data Transfer, Diagnostics, File Creation and Report Generation to be executed in an automated background/overnight manner and/or in an interactive user session.  UTA’s APC Software produces both the routine and the ad-hoc/specialized analyses that UTA transit planners/schedulers users have been requesting for more than fifteen years.  Never has a transit user’s analytic request been unable to be satisfied by UTA’s flexible/powerful APC Software package.

In 2006, MARTA-Atlanata executed a survey to determine the degree of North American APC Software user satisfaction.  Of the transit systems surveyed,  100% of the UTA APC sites  responded as ‘Satisfied’ with the UTA APC Software.   Of the  non-UTA APC sites surveyed, a large majority (75%-90%)  responded as Dis-satisfied with the non-UTA APC Software and support. The primary reason for  high degree of UTA APC Software satisfaction was the degree to which UTA adapts/tailors the APC Software to the local methods/practices/conventions of the host transit agency.
An area of APC Software that UTA has greatly enhanced over the past few years is that of APC Administrative Control.  Not only does UTA’s APC Software generate a detailed set of reports/plots/data bases, but also generates a large number of Administrative Control analyses that allows the APC user to obtain a prompt/clear understanding of exactly how the overall Automatic Passenger Counting Systems is performing.  APC Diagnostic/Quality Codes, Sampling Status, Assignment Performance, APC Yield, Master Schedule Anomaly, Geo-Coded Bus Stop Anomaly, etc. are all analyses that allow the APC System Administrator to manage the APC system to achieve the organizational APC objectives.

Given UTA’s two decades on experience in transit technology, a common factor in ITS system failures (of which there are many) is the lack of a strong management control system surrounding the ITS subsystem.  UTA has developed this capability while other APC (and AVL) firms are just recognizing the importance of this feature.  Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (Buffalo) cited UTA’s  APC Administrative Control capabilities as a primary reason for the selection of UTA over all other APC suppliers as NFTA’s APC supplier.

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