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  • Accurate, Comprehensive, Flexible and Reliable
  • Support a wide assortment of transit analyses
  • Easy to use (Self Served/Drill Down)
  • Accurate annual NTD reporting
  • Experienced, Dedicated and Documented
  • Data filtering/cleansing software
  • Driver Login Independent
  • Statistical Process Control software

UTA’s APC Software system has been recognized in the transit industry for its high levels of flexibility and data integrity.

  • 20+ AVL Integration
  • 5+ Scheduling Integration
Data Transfer
  • Cellular / WLAN / Router
  • 30+ Diagnostic Codes
  • Enhanced Diagnostics
  • Auto Email Alerts
Data Processing
  • Accommodate Route Exceptions
  • Updated Algorithms
  • Detours and Flex route
Reporting Platforms
  • Statistical
  • Web Based
  • Automatic/Global
  • Ad hoc / Custom
APC Analytics
  • 80+ Analytical Reports
  • Bus and Rail Reports
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual
  • Administrative Control
  • Productivity Reports
  • Fixed Route and Paratransit Reporting
  • Export to Excel, Tables, Graphs, Plots, Maps, GIS, PDF, Tableau, Remix, etc.
  • 40+ Outliers and Filters
  • Local/State/Federal Reporting
  • System Audit Capability

Random Route & Paratransit - APC Reporting Software | UTA

Driver Seat Monitoring

  • Provides more accurate ridership by eliminating driver activity from APC Analytics

Reporting Problem - APC Reporting Software | UTA

Reporting Platform

  • Statistical Reporting
  • Web Reporting
  • Automatic Reporting
  • Ad-hoc / Custom Reports
  • Global Reporting

Bus & Rail Reporting - APC Reporting Software | UTA

Bus & Rail Reporting

  • Provides bus and rail APC Analytics catering to specific needs, for service improvements, operations feedback and hardware maintenance

NTD Reporting - APC Reporting Software | UTA

NTD Reporting

  • Every transit agency that has applied for NTD using UTA’s APC system have been approved by FTA

APC Analytics

Process Non-UTA Data - APC Reporting Software | UTA

  • Provides high quality analytics for every major AVL/APC firm
  • UTA successfully processes non-UTA APC data by integrating with more than 20 AVL firms 

Driver Login Independent - APC Reporting Software | UTA

Data Processing - APC Reporting Software | UTA

Data Transfer - APC Reporting Software | UTA

System Audit - APC Reporting Software | UTA

System Audit

  • Ability to generate a complete audit trail in support of APC analytics, providing transparency and confidence to our users

Other Software Features - APC Reporting Software | UTA