APC Software


  • Accurate, Comprehensive, Flexible and Reliable
  • Support a wide assortment of transit analyses
  • Easy to use (Self Served/Drill Down)
  • Accurate annual NTD reporting
  • Experienced, Dedicated and Documented
  • Data filtering/cleansing software
  • Driver Login Independent
  • Statistical Process Control software

UTA’s APC Software system has been recognized in the transit industry for its high levels of flexibility and data integrity.

  • 20+ AVL Integration
  • 5+ Scheduling Integration
Data Transfer
  • Cellular / WLAN / Router
  • 30+ Diagnostic Codes
  • Enhanced Diagnostics
  • Auto Email Alerts
Data Processing
  • Accommodate Route Exceptions
  • Updated Algorithms
  • Detours and Flex route
Reporting Platforms
  • Statistical
  • Web Based
  • Automatic/Global
  • Ad hoc / Custom
APC Analatics
  • 80+ Analytical Reports
  • Bus and Rail Reports
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual
  • Administrative Control
  • Productivity Reports
  • Fixed Route and Paratransit Reporting
  • Export to Excel, Tables, Graphs, Plots, Maps, GIS, PDF, Tableau, Remix, etc.
  • 40+ Outliers and Filters
  • Local/State/Federal Reporting
  • System Audit Capability

APC Software

Driver Seat Monitoring

  • Provides more accurate ridership by eliminating driver activity from APC Analytics

Reporting Platform

  • Statistical Reporting
  • Web Reporting
  • Automatic Reporting
  • Ad-hoc / Custom Reports
  • Global Reporting

Bus & Rail Reporting

  • Provides bus and rail APC Analytics catering to specific needs, for service improvements, operations feedback and hardware maintenance

NTD Reporting

  • Every transit agencies who have applied for NTD using UTA’s APC system have been  approved by FTA

APC Analytics
Process Non UTA Data content
Driver Login Independent content
Data Processing content
Data Transfer content

System Audit

  • Ability to generate a complete audit trail in support of APC analytics, providing transparency and confidence to our users

Other Software Features content