UTA is recognized as the pioneer of  North American APC development and Application.  With UTA Automatic Passenger Counting Systems leased or purchased by more than eighty North American transit systems, no APC firm has the depth of knowledge about the factors which are necessary for the Automatic Passenger Counting Systems to generate a significant (100%-200%) return-on-investment in APC technology.

Given the number of APC Lease projects that UTA has been selected to perform, UTA is quite unique from other APC suppliers in that UTA actually operates the APC system in the exact manner as a local transit APC Project Manager would.  UTA’s knowledge of UTA’s Automatic Passenger Counting Systems is significantly greater than any other APC supplier.  Unusual local transit operating idiosyncracies  have been incorporated into UTA’s methods/procedures that will result in analytic benefit to the transit planner/scheduler/manager.

Subtleties such as the definition of Segment Running Times based on Departure of Timepoint #1 to the Arrival of Timepoint #2, allowing Passenger Loads to be carried over certain EOL’s, Schedule Adherence based on either Arrival or Departure; are all a function of the unmatched UTA APC experience.

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